Our Close Friend, Social Media

         It might be easier to say what Social Media isn’t rather than what it is. Social Media means different things to different people and has many definitions. According to the textbook, “Social Media are the online means of communication, conveyance, collaboration, and cultivation among interconnected and interdependent networks of people, communities, and organizations enhanced by technological capabilities.” Well, isn’t that a wordy definition. Dr. Freberg shortened that lengthy definition and made it easier to understand, when she said that “Social Media provides the ultimate networked communication hub of dialogue, relationship management and information creation and dissemination in digital and mobile environments.”  My definition simplifies both of those; Social Media is constantly evolving, educating, entertaining, connecting and even consuming us. It is like your favorite television show, you sit down to watch just one episode and before you know it 5 hours have passed. It has this ability to catch your attention & maintain it for long periods of time. We are in an era that is dominated by television, video games, smart phones, etc. all of which are vying for our attention and yet Social Media is winning.

            Why do you think the reason for that is? It’s because of everything that it has to offer. The amount of things that Social Media can do from a personal or business stand point is nearly infinite. Everything from reconnecting you with an old friend to creating a new image for your business, it can do it all. That is what makes it so appealing to the masses. It doesn’t hurt that it is the “latest and greatest” medium. We have come a long way from writing with a quill pen in the dark, only able to see by candle light, don’t you think? We’ve never had a medium that combines every aspect of our lives, until now. It’s hard to believe that Social Media wasn’t even a factor just a few years ago and now it’s everything.

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