Beware of Privacy


        “Privacy is dead and social media holds the smoking gun.” – Pete Cashmore (Mashable) Do you agree? I know I do. Privacy and social media is an increasingly popular topic among individuals and businesses. Where do we draw the line in the sandbox of social media sharing? If an employer asks for your social media login and password, are you going to give it to them? For me, the answer is no. Not only do I think it’s going too far but it’s becoming a law in many states that they cannot ask you for that information. Also, employers cannot discriminate against you if you do not provide that information now. Recently, Governor Christie of New Jersey signed a bill that states just that. See what all is included in the bill at the link below.

        I think that it’s very important for everyone to be informed of their rights, in regard to social media. Especially for students who are going to be heading into the work force soon. I think that it’s easy to forget that what you’re posting isn’t private. Social media has done an incredible job of making its sites personal, when in reality they are global. Even if you end up deleting posts that you’ve made, what is to say that it hasn’t already gone into some type of database? It’s crucial to think before you post. Take a few things into consideration before posting: Would I say that to or in front of my mother? Would a potential employer be offended by that? Do I really need to post this? You’d be surprised how many things you end up not posting if you just stop and take a minute to think about it. Don’t take your posts lightly and think that nothing bad will come of any of it. Take Pax Dickinson for example, he was the CFO at Business Insider, was being the key word. He was recently let go because of his posts on social media. For more on that story, check out the link:

          I know that most of us are just college students, but we could be CFO’s and CEO’s one day, so it’s important to start thinking about what we post now. To see exactly what all is out there about yourself, check out websites like,, or simply “Google” yourself. Doing this will allow you to see what steps you need to take to either fix your social media presence or make it more well-known.

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