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        Having been asked to have a blog for several classes, I am familiar with the basics of blogging. But I never posted any more than the required assignments. I had no idea how important a blog could be not only professionally but personally. Blogging is more than just answering the assignment or talking about your favorite celebrity, it’s a tool and an important one at that. I’ve always been on the fence about having and maintaining a blog, not for privacy issues, but more for time constrains and wondering who even cares what I am saying. But in the short time I’ve been in my Social Media class, I’ve realized the need for a blog.  There is a lot about blogging that I did not know, most of the questions I had were answered in class or I was able to “Google”.

            If you’re unfamiliar with the basics of blogging and wondering how to get started with your own blog, first you need to create a blog. To do this check out sites such as or, there are many more but I’ve found these two to be the simplest when just getting started. You’ll want to choose a background and possibly a name for this blog at this time, the sites we help you step by step with this. When you’re ready for your very first post, you should introduce yourself to your future audience. After that you’re ready to take it all on. To help make getting started easier and eventually make your blog successful, take a look at these tips:

            For me, one of the main questions I had about blogging was what to post and what not to post, is there such a thing as too information?  I worried about potential employers coming across my blog and not liking what I posted or even worse judging me because of it. But I do not have to worry as much, now that I know that there is not too much that is off limits. The reason for this is because you’re only limited by the boundaries you set yourself. While it’s true everyone may not be interested in what you ate today or the cute thing your kid did, there is someone who relates to it. If you’re more worried about the basics of what to do and not to do when writing a blog instead of just the topic check out:

            Another big question I had was how can I get more people to read my blog? Well, first you need to share your blog on all social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and any other sites that you’re on. Also, I think just telling people that you actually have a blog is helpful to increasing your audience. For even more tips to help get more people to your blog, look at this 7 tips:

            I’ve learned quite a bit about blogging in a short period of time and I know there is always plenty more to learn. By sharing some of the questions I had, I hope beginners like myself; can come to understand blogging better and essential of a tool it is. Happy blogging!

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