“Private Lines”

        Can a blog end a relationship, save a life, be better than a real human connection? According to the episode of House I just watched, it can do all of those things. I haven’t shared with you all yet how big of a House fan I am, but let’s just say I own every season, have seen every episode numerous times& even bought a the cd by the main actor, Hugh Laurie. 

        Just in case you aren’t familiar with the premise behind House. Here’s a brief overview. Dr. Gregory House is a brilliant doctor who solves cases no one else can, but he’s a bit of an ass and saying a bit may be putting it nicely. He only has one friend, Dr. James Wilson and doesn’t respect too much of anyone. He says and does what he wants pretty much at all times. If you ask me, he does what most people wish they could. He has a team of doctors working for him that help him solve cases with personalities ranging from narcissist to mundane. Throughout the series House has many ups and downs, including dealing with addiction, going to jail and even getting married. You’re never quite sure how an episode is going to end, no matter how many times you’ve seen it. You either love or hate House, there’s really no in between with such a dominant character, but it never disappoints. 
        The episode “Private Lines” in season six focuses on a patient who is obsessed with her blog. She blogs about literally everything, from fights with her boyfriend to whether or not she wants to have children, not holding a thing back from her audience. Once she is admitted to the hospital and to Dr. House she refuses to stop blogging. She posts all about her experience and even the personalities of all her doctors. All of the medical terms are irrelevant, but she ends up needing a kidney and because she blogs about it she has people reaching out to her from around the world wanting to help her. Then she isn’t sure about a procedure that would affect the ability to have children and instead of discussing it with her boyfriend, she poses the question on her blog to her audience. The audience actually influences her decision, people she’s never met she’s listening to. She makes a point of saying something to the effect of, she may not have met them but she reads their blogs and they read hers, so they do know each other. In the end, of course Dr. House and the team figure out what is wrong with her, but it’s because of her blog. Because she literally posted about everything they were able to use that information in diagnosing her.

        The reason I picked this particular episode to write about is not only because it’s about blogging but because it raised a lot of questions in my mind. Do you value your audience’s opinion that much? Do they have that big of an impact on your life and vice versa? Is a relationship online through blogging better than a real human connection? What do you think?



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