Let’s start with the basics, what is Hootsuite? Hootsuite is a site that is used to manage and integrate all of your social media sites into one place, specifically using a dashboard. Well, what does that mean? You can add your Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc. all to Hootsuite instead of using and having to keep track of multiple sites/apps. Check out this article from Mashable: The Beginner’s Guide to Hootsuite, to help get you started. http://mashable.com/2013/09/18/hootsuite-beginners-guide/

        Hootsuite can be compared to other social media monitoring sites such as TweetDeck, CoTweet, and Yoono. In fact it was, in this article http://www.hostdime.com/blog/?s=review+of+4+social+media+monitoring+tools. It highlights what each site can do for you, with Hootsuite coming out on top with being able to manage the most social media sites.

        What else can Hootsuite do for you? Hootsuite allows you to remain consistent across all your social media sites, which is sometimes difficult to do. With that said, it lets you keep an even closer eye on your online reputation. When dealing with your online reputation it’s common to search yourself and see what is out there about yourself or your company. Hootsuite allows you to do that across multiple sites. Take a look at this article on the other ways Hootsuite can help you with your online reputation http://micahll.hubpages.com/hub/Using-Hootsuite-to-Handle-Your-Online-Reputation

        Hootsuite University is a division of Hootsuite that focuses on educating not only on Hootsuite but also on all social media. Anyone can use Hootsuite University but it can be directed at higher education students. It gives you the opportunity to become Hootsuite Certified. Why would you want to become Hootsuite Certified? It helps you to stand out from the ever expanding crowd of supposabled social media experts. By being Hootsuite Certified, you have documentation backing up your claim. This article lists a few reasons why you should choose Hootsuite University: http://socialsolutionscollective.com/hootsuite-university-and-certification/ I’ll be Hootsuite Certified by November, thanks to Dr. Freberg and the social media class.

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