The World of Infographics

            In the world of infographics there isn’t too much that you can’t do. Infographics can be used in pretty much any field, topic, or situation imaginable. They are great for helping people who may not be able to visualize an idea and in laying out steps or procedures. Infographics can also be used for quick glances into a field or topic instead of having to read a whole report or article. Most of all, who doesn’t like to look at pictures? Have you ever found yourself skimming over an article and skipping straight to the pictures? Pictures are eye catching and interesting, and that is what infographs can bring to the table for a business, campaign, or even yourself. For even more things that infographics can do for you, check out:

           Well now that you know how helpful having an infographic integrated into your business or campaign, how do you go about making one? There are plenty of user friendly sites that can help you get started. The site that I found I like the best is This site allows you to choose from over 100 different themes and try out making your own infographic for free. It is simple to use and doesn’t require that you have any previous design experience. Some sites you’ll find that if you’re not the most creative or tech-savvy person, you’re not going to have much luck creating an infographic through that site. Piktochart also includes a list of reasons why you should use infographics. Go to to get started on your infographic today. If you would like a list of other sites to create an infographic, besides Piktochart, visit: 

               As with everything, there are some key do’s and don’ts with infographics. The main thing you want to make sure that you do is that your information is not only correct but the most current. You don’t want to create a beautiful infographic and the information be out dated. Also, it may seem obvious, but always triple check the spelling of anything in your infographic, nothing looks more unprofessional that misspelled words. When choosing colors of the design, have them pop, don’t use the varied hues of the same color. For even more things that you should and shouldn’t do when creating an infographic, here’s a good site to take a look at:

        Below is an example of an infographic that I really liked, especially since it relates back to the social media class.


(image from:

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