Adam Lefkoe, more than a sports anchor

Adam Lefkoe, WHAS 11 Sports Anchor, came & spoke to my social media class this past Wednesday. What does a sports anchor have to do with social media? In Lefkoe’s case, way more than you would think. Lefkoe started #sportscast to give the “people a chance to control what is said on television” & to try to bridge the huge gap in communication between television anchor & television watcher. Oh boy, did he succeed. The idea behind #sportscast is that his followers on Twitter would submit a random word or topic & he would tie that word or topic into his sports report. Some topics that he has done so far are wrestling, Seinfeld, & rap songs. Lefkoe had no idea how far these sports cast where going to go, they all went viral, each one more popular than the one before. He told us that he didn’t set out to “go viral” but that he just wanted to engage with the viewers in some way. If you want to check out these awesome sports casts check out Lefkoe’s Youtube here:

Lefkoe wasn’t just here to guest lecture about his sports cast with a twist, if you will. He ended up telling us a lot of things that apply not only to social media but to the real world. A couple things that really stood out to me that he said were “don’t stare at success,” “don’t just consume, create,” & “know your voice.” These three things I think stood out to me because they weren’t just about school or social media, these are things you need to know in every day life. Often in school you wonder when am I ever going to use this or how does this apply to me? What Adam said to us, at least for me, I didn’t wonder those things, I just knew they were important and very relevant. I personally think that this guest lecture is going to be hard to top, it’s not often you get to meet someone that is charming & funny while talking about their job. It’s just encouraging to see someone, closer than most to my age, loving what they’re doing. I highly suggest following Adam Lefkoe on Twitter @whas11lefkoe

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