They’re watching you

        Hopefully by now you realize that what you put on social media, to some extent, is being monitored. With the exception of some sites that have good privacy policies, pretty much everything you post is up for monitoring. But who is doing the monitoring? Companies, individuals, friends, family & even you are monitoring social media. Companies may have the most invested in social media monitoring though. These days they have separate departments that do nothing but monitor what is being said about their company, negative or positive. It’s so important that companies do this, so they not only know their company image with audiences but it allows them to remain relevant. But how are they monitoring? Surely they’re not going to every single individual customer social media sites. Of course they’re not.

        They are using sites that do it for them. Companies follow hashtags (#) & key phrases to see what is being said about them and by using social media monitoring sites it allows them to do that more effectively. While not a company, to follow the class hashtag (#Freberg13) for the social media class I am currently taking, we use the social media monitoring site, Hootsuite. Hootsuite gathers all of the tweets with the class Twitter hashtag (#Freberg13) into one place, making it not only easier to keep track of the tweets but to remain constantly involved. Hootsuite would be a great site for companies to use when they want to monitor a hashtag. This site would also be a good choice for companies looking to combine all social media sites into one place.  Hootsuite does just that and due to the increasing use of hashtags, now not only on Twitter, but also Instagram & Facebook, it will allow the hashtag to be monitored across all those social media sites in one place. Of course there are tons of other sites besides Hootsuite that can monitor social media, some sites include: BlitzMetrics, Topsy & Tweetdeck. For a full list of social media monitoring sites, check out this site:


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