A little trip down Halloween Lane

Well tomorrow is Halloween! Halloween, besides Christmas, is literally my favorite holiday. Of all the other holidays, why Halloween? I think the reason I’ve always loved Halloween is because of all the traditions and memories that go along with it. At my house Halloween has always kind of been a big thing, at least to me it seems like it. Not that we go all out and look like extreme houses you see on television shows or anything but we’ve always just done certain things as a family, every year since I can remember. Things like decorating the house, with spider webs in the bushes, carving pumpkins on the porch and baking the pumpkin seeds and eating them while we finish decorating. I can’t forget the infamous pumpkin man sitting in the chair and scarecrows with bales of hay in the yard. It’s just always been a fun holiday.

photo (80)Image

I remember when I was little, I’m talking elementary school little, when we would have class Halloween parties, there probably another reason I love Halloween. We would get to bring in candy and kind of trick or treat amongst the classes. I know my mom, dad, and I would always take like Tootsie Roll or Blow Pop suckers and cover them with a Kleenex, making them look like little ghosts. We’d also make up little treat bags for the whole class or even make cupcakes. I just remember we were always so involved with the class Halloween parties and hey, they were awesome.

photo (77)

I don’t know too many people, locally here in Louisville, that haven’t gone to the Louisville Zoo, at least once, for Halloween. I know I have, one year I actually went as a red M&M. I vividly remember following the “yellow brick road” and hearing that famous song from the Wizard of Oz playing as you walked up on a huge mock Emerald City. I even remember, for some reason, they had a little stand where you stuck your hand in wax and it formed a mold of your hand. Walking through the zoo, from booth to booth, seeing all the different costumes and collecting your candy, even though it was Halloween it wasn’t scary it was fun. For the nights that the zoo sets up for Halloween, it becomes a completely different place. It’s no longer the zoo, when you’re a little kid, the zoo is already awesome, but it transforming into a world of Halloween for kids is such a memorable experience.

photo (79)

It’s just the little things like I just mentioned that make Halloween a favorite holiday for me. Those memories I hold near and dear to my heart. I feel like the older I get, and this may sound cheesy, but the more I realize how important remembering things like that are. I don’t want to get so wrapped up in the stress of the real world that I stop doing traditions I love. I think that’s something important everyone needs to work on doing, don’t forget what’s in your heart. Happy Halloween!

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